Weinstein Art Management


About Us

Leon Weinstein and Gulnara Weinstein are pivotal figures at Weinstein Art Management in Los Angeles, a prominent entity in the contemporary art world. Leon Weinstein, with a rich background in art collection and curation, has established himself as a connoisseur with an eye for emerging talent and innovative art movements. His expertise spans across various genres of modern and contemporary art, making him a respected voice in art consultancy and management. Gulnara Weinstein, on the other hand, brings a unique blend of artistic insight and business acumen to the table. Her keen sense for the evolving dynamics of the art market, coupled with a profound understanding of artist development, positions her as an instrumental force in nurturing and promoting artists under the Weinstein Art Management umbrella. Together, Leon and Gulnara Weinstein cultivate a dynamic and forward-thinking environment, steering their Los Angeles-based operation toward global recognition by showcasing groundbreaking artists and facilitating significant art acquisitions. Their collaborative efforts have not only elevated Weinstein Art Management's status but have also contributed significantly to the vibrancy and diversity of the contemporary art scene in Los Angeles and beyond.