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Nina Reznichenko

Nina Reznichenko's work fascinates with a combination of dualities, often seemingly incompatible things - figurative and abstraction, and this, consider, in one work. The combination of pasty technique with subtle colored valor, woodworking, streams - all these techniques add \"flavor\". Nina Reznichenko builds each of her works very emotionally, and her dramaturgy is very complex. Bright colors are perceived quite differently against the background of complicated slush. Acquire hidden psychological nuances, awaken associations. Nina Reznichenko's painting evokes openness and awakens sincere feelings.\nNina Reznichenko is a Ukrainian artist well known in her country. She took part in over thirty major exhibitions around the world in her homeland as well as in the USA and Europe. She is a member of the Ukrainian National Society of Artists, member of international association of Artists \"Art without Borders.\"