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Vakhtang Alkatz

In 2003 Vakhtang graduated with honors from the Academy of Art in Tbilisi, Georgia. He and five top graduates were invited to exhibit in Germany. The exhibition was a success and the group spent 3 months in Germany, moving with exhibition from city to city, paintings new paintings along the way.\n \nIn 2004 Vakhtang and three other artists created an art group called “representational art studio” (The Studio). The works were reviewed by a prestigious European art magazine “ARTPROFIL” and all artists got very favorable reviews from the art critique.\n \nIn 2004 in the national juried exhibition Vakhtang received 3rd place. In 2005 on German Juried exhibition “Impulse 2005” Vakhtang received first prize. In 2004 & 2005 The Studio exhibited in Germany, Italy and France, including such galleries as prestigious Paris gallery “La Mason Caucase” and Italian gallery “Bergomanero”. The group exhibited in The Art Gallery/Museum “National Art Gallery” in Tbilisi, Georgia. \n \nAfter traveling Europe (Italy, France, Germany) Vakhtang created a series of paintings called “View on Cathedrals from the back yards”. The series premiered on the International Art Fair in Germany in 2005, and then moved to two exhibitions in Germany, in Mannheim and Osnabrueck. \n \nCurrently Vakhtang’s works exhibited in Germany, Netherlands and his native republic of Georgia.