Weinstein Art Management

Sasha Bassari

Sasha is of the same school as famous Russian artist Sergei Smirnov, who achieved global recognition for his angel-like figurative paintings. It is very difficult to name the style. Enchanted Realism comes to mind. Naïve or Gentle Surrealism is another option.\n \nWelcome to the Enchanted World of Sasha Bassari. Here you will find peace, relaxation, creativity, and love. The artist paints children playing, peaceful townscapes, angels and fairies. The paintings are soft and gentle. All his work is immersed in the ideal of unity throughout the Universe. The artist combines carefully placed, soft, diffused colors contrasting with graceful yet bold brush strokes - a unique blend of the essence of the subject - and the spirit of the artist. The figures in his paintings appear as if they are angels: divine souls, completely innocent and pure. Those angels are almost floating in an atmosphere of melancholy happiness.\n